Blogger Status: The Flu Season Arrived To Our Home

Yeap, winter is arriving to Portugal and so is the flu season. Our winter isn´t very cold, we don´t have snow in south Portugal but the temperature differences are enough to put us sick.
The first to be sick in our home was my hubby, he´s responsible for bringing the bug home but now he´s the only one who has fever. Must be an infection. So, this means I have to take care of us.
Since Friday, I´ve been doing all the house work alone, like usual :), plus nursing. I don´t have fever, but I have a sore throat. A good homemade medicine for throat infections is a hot cup of lemon tea with two tablespoons of pure honey, twice or three times a day. I already started using my old lemmon tea tip and today I´m feeling better.
Well, I have to take care of myself. Beeing sick in bed wouldn´t be nice at all, besides, who would take my daughter to school?
I never thought of this before but I should because all my family lives very far from me. Maybe I should get a plan B, just in case.
See you soon.

4 comentários:

LY said...

Uh oh! I think you should get a flu shot. Don't you think? Drink a lot of water.

liza said...

it's in my home too. i think it's being passed online, lol.

thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. ;)


Mizé said...


Ly: Flu shots don´t work anymore. Now I have to treat my troath infection the best I can. Thanks for visiting. Cheers!

Liza: Lol, really?
Maybe I got the bug online, lol.
Get well soon, and thanks for dropping by too.

Gem said...

I got flu these days, and yet I still keep on blogging.

You're very sweet to your kid.

Take care!