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In 2005, my daughter had a big infection that forced her to be eight days in the hospital. When she came home she was much better but needed to take compounded medication.
I´m glad there´s this type of pharmacy in my town, otherwise I had to drive to the nearest city to get her medication.
Every patient has a different organism and different needs, so compouded medications are an important part of quality medical care.
Compounding is the science of combining, mixing, or altering pure, active ingredients to create customized medications for a patient in response to a licensed practitioner’s prescription. So, each medicine has the right proportions of active substances addapted to your body´s needs and recommended by your doctor.
Compounding-only pharmacy allows a practitioner to prescribe medications that are no longer manufactured, persistently backordered because of production shortages or not commercially available in the dosage form the patient needs (e.g., preservative-free).
NECC, that stands for “New England Compounding Center”, is a coupounding-only pharmacy which provides quality medications and services to patients and prescribers.
This company is specialized in compound medication for interventional pain managment, retina ophthalmology and Aesthetics. NECC provides specialty medications for mesotherapy/ lipolysis, chemical peels, bleaching creams, among others.
NECC labs have highly trained pharmacists that also produce specialty medications for hospitals. All their pharmacists have completed American Council on Pharmaceutical Education-accredited aseptic training courses and are members of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) and the Massachusetts Pharmacists Association (MPhA). All NECC formulations are:

• USP 797 Compliant
• All CSPs are compounded for your patients by pharmacists and technicians extensively trained in aseptic compounding
• Medications are prepared in a Class 10 Microenvironment (barrier isolator)
• Medications are comprised of USP quality ingredients

So, if you need compound medication, check out the services this company offers and visit their website to know how to order their products.

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