Blogger Status: Housework and a New Friend

Hi everyone.
This week I´m blogging on Sunday night again. I spent all day doing housework and now I´m dedicating some time to my blogs.
Fall brought cold weather so we have to replace our t-shirts for sweetshirts, this means cleaning all the wordrobes too.
I had a bed in another flat that I needed to receive my mother when she visits us, so I brought it to one of our rooms and decided to make a deep cleaning. The result of changing furniture around the flat was a working Sunday, thats what it was.
Now all I need is a new matress and I´ll have a two in one, office and bedroom. I also decided to clean my big balcony because we´re going to have a new buddie: a white kitty! Yes, it´s true. We´re going to adopt a two months street kitty. My daughter and I are crazy about cats and I think we have enough space for a pet.
I will post more about our new friend in My Country Home blog.

2 comentários:

MarlyMS said...

hello mize! how u doing? i also linked this it ok?
happy monday!

Mizé said...

Hi Marlyms. Yes it´s Ok.
I didn´t know you had linked to my blogs. Thanks!