Website Review: EDIC Insurance Services

EDIC, Eastern Dentists Insurance Company was founded in 1992, by the Dental Society of Massachusetts, as a “by dentists for dentists” company that provides insurance products specifically to Dentists in USA.
EDIC is located near Boston and services dentists in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. This company is a mutual-type RRG (Risk Retention Group) company owned and controlled by its members. This means that all members vote on changes in the board of directors (all dentists) and on by-laws.
EDIC Products include: medical liability insurance, dental student program, business insurance, personal insurance and financial services. EDIC’s affiliate, EDIA and EDFS, offer dentists additional insurance and financial services.
This company developed a system, called “Life Cycles” which includes insurance solutions adapted to each stage of a Dentist career: student/resident, new professional, owner/partner and retiring.
For example, because they understand how difficult it is to get started in a dental career, EDIC offers the most liberal discount program to new dentists on medical liability insurance. New dentists that are starting their careers also need other types of insurance and financial services. EDIC’s affiliates, EDIA and EDFS, offer new dentists additional insurance and financial services they need.
For those who are just starting the practice of dentistry EDIC, EDIA and EDFS can advise them on the following:

• Malpractice Insurance
• Auto Insurance
• Life Insurance, Term and Whole Homeowner's Insurance
• Personal Umbrella Policies
• Possible Office Insurance
• IRA Planning
• Basic Financial Planning and Debt Management
• Estate Planning
• Income Tax Planning
• Insurance and Risk Management Planning
• Education Funding for Children
• Design and Implementation of Coordinated Investment Strategies

The other insurance solutions provided by EDIC and it´s affiliates also take in consideration the insurance needs of a Dentist in any career stage.

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