Blogger Status: New Season Shopping

Every year, when winter arrives I have to make a selection of our clothes, specially my daughter´s. I have a closet in my closed balcony where I keep all the clothes from other seasons. This way, when the new seasons arrive I only have to move the clothes from the balcony to the bedroom´s closet.
Last weekend I spent some time doing this task, only then I realized how much my girl has grown. Most clothes and shoes don´t fit her anymore and the selection process resulted in a huge "doesn´t fit" pile of clothes.
I wasn´t counting on this but, in a way, it was fun to see her struggle. So, this year I will have to buy more clothes than I though.
Last Sunday, we went to the mall near our flat and I bought her two pajamas, underwear and a new jeans double-face jacket. This was just the beginning, now I need to buy her new snickers too. I love shopping with my daughter, we have much fun together and we always find many cute things for her. You see, I´m one of those moms that during pregnancy bought too many stuff for the baby :)

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