Blogger Status: Weekend Plans

After this long night blogging, I´m making some plans for the weekend ahead. My mother is going to visit us on Saturday but I still haven´t finished the home office/room project.
Yesterday I bought a new matress for the bed I have in this room. The shop will deliver my order tomorow so, only then I´ll be able to prepare the room for my mother. The office project will take a bit longer to finish, unless I find a quick solution for my books which doesn´t seem to be possible without buying new furniture.
Yesterday, I talked with my mom on the phone and she said she feels like shopping. Well, I know her well, a shoe, bags and clothes fanatic. This means I won´t be home all Saturday. So, I guess I´ll have another weekend in family, away from the PC and blogging. Maybe I can sneak out a bit after dinner to visit Entrecard while they´re watching TV, lol.
A good weekend to all.

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Mariuca said...

Have a good weekend Mize and thanks for stopping by my blogs! :):):)

On The Verge said...

Hope you are having a good weekend and get to drop some cards! :)

Mariuca said...

Mize!! Thanks for advertising at MPG today, love and hugs! :):):)

Mizé said...

Hi. Thank you too!

Mariuca: I like reading your blogs, it´s my pleasure!
Thanks for the love, Hugs for you too :)

On the verge: Thanks!
With my mom around there´s no way I can escape, lol.
We have to catch up things and my mom loves to talk.