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Computer technology, gadgets and new software is a fast growing field, every day new products are released to the market.
I like to be updated but I don´t have enough time to check tech news on a daily basis. If you´re like me, there´s a recent website, called Gadget Advisor, which is a resource for gadgets and tech news.
Gadget Advisor focus the most important products and tech news, including the top gadgets, hardware and software. For example, in this website you can check the best extensions for Firefox, find the best Windows software or read a Blaze Media Pro review, which is a good all-in-one multimedia software.
The best gadget news section of Gadget Advisor includes audio, video, digital imaging, toys, gaming and more. In the tech news section you´ll find topics like Internet access, search engines, leading company developments among others. If you like gadgets and tech news, check out this resource.

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I use Gadget Advisor all the time. They have a section with updates everyday on the latest widgets, electronic devices and anything related to cutting-edge or cool technology. Good source for straight-to-the-point info.

Mizé said...

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This website is recent but promisses...
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