My Blogs Received New Blog Awards

This week my blogs Night Clicks and Portuguese Menu were honoured with blog awards again. It feels great to receive awards from fellow bloggers of different countries that like my blogs. Thanks all for the support and kind words, it´s good to know I´m not alone in this imense blogsphere and you guys are out there thinking of me.
This is one of the reasons I have my picture in some blogs. Although I´m not a "hottie", I got nothing to hide and I´m proud of who I am. Putting my picture in my blogs means someone real is here, sharing my life and my knowledge. At least if you ever meet me in flesh, you know what to expect.
This is a choice bloggers have, either they hide behind logos and avatars or they show themselves to the world and do not fear. Ok, enough of Monkey stuff, lol.
Now I have to prepare my award posts and the tags I received from Mira and Mathias from Entrecard. I´m late with this posts but they weren´t forgoten. Maybe next week I have this posts ready. Before that, I still have to write a couple posts about tech stuff and free resources for my dot com blog.

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