Blogger Status: A Weekend Without Blogging

Hi everyone.
I spent the whole weekend away from the PC! My last post was writen on Friday night. Blogging can be really hooking and addictive. For the first time in many months I spent a whole weekend without blogging! Incredible!
Well, the truth is I had many things to solve in my offline, I was having family problems that needed my attention. Thanks God it´s all Ok now. Now I can move on with my online stuff.
Sorry but I couldn´t return ECs, I´m trying to catch up now but the site is so slow, maybe they´re having problemas again. I have ADSL connection, which is very fast, and all other sites are working normal, except Entrecard, so I think it´s their problem. Well, back to work and see you soon.

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Mira said...

Hi Mize, yeah you're right blogging can really be addicting, especially that we earn something from doing it ;-) Congrats, for not having to blog over the weekend. I can't remember the last time that I didn't have to touch my laptop at all, LOL. Anyway, good to know your offline life is all smooth now. Hey if you get the chance pls help me win in a contest I joined in, LOL, just by clicking this link once a day till Oct.22
You don't need to do anything else but click. I'm on top of the rank and I want to secure my lead ;-) Thanks so much, and have a great week ahead.

Hicham said...

I can imagine the feeling yet I'm not that regular type of daily blogger!