My Photo Album Project

I love pictures, it´s one of my favorite hobbies. A picture captures a moment in time that can be remembered forever. My favorites are nature and family pictures.
I like all nature pictures, specially those which include sunsets, sea, moon, animals and flowers.
My old camera broke down and last Christmas, I bought a digital camera as a gift to myself to continue the family album I started for my daughter even before she was born. I started this photo album because I want her to know how se looked like in different stages of her childhood. We can´t remember everything, that´s why a picture album is such a good idea.
I already have two albums filled with pictures but soon I will need some more because mine don´t have anymore space.
A photo album would be a great gift for me this Christmas, I don´t know why but it´s in wintertime, near this festive season, that I feel like organizing my picture albums.
I´ve been looking for nice albums to buy. I would like resistant, classy and timeless albums and I came across an online shop that has some lovely options, including for Scrapbook lovers.
The perfect choice for me would be the Mixed Metallic Photo Album Two-Pack to keep all the pictures I have to organize.
These silver and gold albums put the perfect touch. They are hardcover, completely covered with a wrap-around accent material and feature a large, open window in the front cover to enhance and display the cover photo and frame your album or scrapbook.
These albums are sold in packs of 2, one of each cover color, in either portrait or landscape orientation. I think it would be enough for all the pictures I have.
Each Photo Album includes 15 free sheets of covebind double-sided inkjet photo paper for a total of 30 pages of photos, which is a good deal.
And you, do you have a family photo album for your kids?

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