Brainstorming For Christmas Gifts

Christmas is arriving here in Portugal. On Saturday, I went in Jumbo and the shopping mall is already decorated, anticipating the season.
For me Christmas is a time of he year to spend in family and it´s when kids have most fun, my daughter loves this season. She loves presents and firmly states that Christmas is her favorite time of the year because family gets together and
she gets lots of attention and nice things.
I have to start thinking about gifts because my hubby has a big family. We normally offer something to the kids and our mothers, the rest of the family is happy with some chocolates, drinks or a homemade cake. Although I have to buy gifts I´m trying to save money so I have to come up with some ideas.
It will all depend on how much we earn next month, so for now I´m only brainstorming before the shopping rush arrives.
And you, are you making plans for Christmas or is it too soon?

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Christmas carols said...

I'm not yet ready for christmas shopping, but i've decided to make some home made chocolates,cakes and cookies for family members. christmas shopping is not so easy,each and every i'll send greeting cards to my friend's.