The New Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

The much announced X1 phone from Sony Ericsson has been launched in UK.
The XPERIA X1 was initially launched on O2 tariffs, connected to a range of deals that include free gifts and line rental discounts, but is expected to be extended to other UK networks over the coming years.
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 main features are:

~ Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional for Power Point Excel and Word
~ QWERTY keyboard and 3 inch wide VGA display
~ Fast internet speeds with 3G HSDPA connectivity; Bluetooth 2.0
~ Wi-Fi connectivity and Outlook to gain access e-mails
~ Built-in FM Radio to listen to music tracks
~ Latest TrackID™ technology to identify unknown tracks
~ A-GPS network service

X1 is the first phone of this brand to use the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 professional software. This new generation device opens a new world of possibilities in mobile phones.
With the 3 inch wide VGA display and QWERTY keyboard you can use programs such as Power Point Excel and Word, which means more mobile solutions to work anywhere.
This mobile has one easy slide cover and with a one touch in the screen you can personalize your navigation experience.
X1 has a 3.2 – megapixel camera, with auto-focus, that allows you to capture your favorite moments, and then store them in your phone, email them to friends or upload them to your blog. It also has a Java feature that allows you to add extra functionality to your handset by installing third party apps to the phone. You can add email functionality with Gmail, a web browser from Opera Mini or a business directory with
Sony Ericsson hasn´t forgot the music lovers. X1 comes with a built in music player, to carry your tunes with you, which recognises most digital formats, including MP3 and AAC.
The A-GPS feature is a network service that can locate your position within 100 meters by using a technique called triangulation.
With this new technology, mobile phones are becoming more and more mini PCs.

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