Build a Family Tree: Genealogy Website

When school started, one homework my daughter had was making a family tree. I helped her in this task but I realized I didn´t know all my family roots before the third generation.
I didn´t get to know my grandparents of my father side because they died when I was only a baby so I lost contact with this part of my family. It would be great to know who my grandparents were.
If you´re from US and like the genealogy science there´s a website, called that can help you build your family tree.
Findfamilytree website has archives that contain family records and documents acquired from historical passenger registries, census records, birth certificates, turn of the century newspapers, and so on.
In Findfamilytree website you can find your missing data and build your family tree. If the data you´re looking for is not in the database this website provides a service that will find it for you.

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