Blogger Status: Student Life Started Again

Hi everyone.
As I predicted, last night was a really long night blogging. I went to bed at 6.00 am but managed to finish all posts. Thanks to my new blog ranks, this month I´m having more work, which is great.
I didn´t sleep much because at lunch time I had to take my daughter to school and I had this year´s first appointment in University.
I´m very happy today, things with my teacher went very well. I already know what I´m going to study and that´s a relief for me. My teacher is doing her Phd and I´m going to work a part of her tesis data as my study population, isn´t that great?
So, from now until July 2009 I have this big project to do. I´ll be busy every Friday in University. Although I have less time now, whenever I have a break I will continue working in my blogs.

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