Entrecard is Down Again: No Drops

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a hardtime to make 50 drops with Night Clicks account but I managed to do drops. Today, I decided to drop in the morning, and here I am trying, and all I get is this message:

"Entrecard application server failed
The server that does the complicated work has not responded in time, this could be due to load, due to an upgrade happening, or something else even weirder. An alert should have been triggered to the admins so they're no doubt trying to deal with it right now, we recommend trying again in 10 minutes.
Served from s02"

Seems the problem isn´t the schedule again, so there will be no drops for today. If I´m online this night, I will try again. I guess I´m another Entrecard addicted, lol. My daughter went to a cousin´s birthday party, so I´m going to rest. I need and deserve it because this blogger is really tired.

3 comentários:

aria said...

I think we have same problem

Gem said...

They always had this downtime lately. I get this whenever I am 4 or 5 hours from when they reset all the drops for the day.

Rachel said...

I was hoping to make some drops yesterday too. Hopefully it will be okay today!