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Hi everyone.
Entrecard is back to normal, yesterday night I did drops with no problem.
Today´s first post is about MMO:

"“If you were to start from scratch with NO list, NO JV partners in your niche, and all you have is $100 capital, what would you do to start making sales for your niche membership site within just 15 days?”

Good question, isn´t it?
Well, this was a contest´s question. The contest is over now but it´s promoters organized all participants answers in a PDF e-book, that you can read here.
In it, you´ll find different ideas to answer the question above. There are some interesting tips and ideas. So, if you´re interested in this niche, check it out.

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MarlyMS said...

Yes, i am glad that EC is working back to normal now. I had a hard time connecting with them days ago.