Entrecard Was Down

Entrecard site was down yesterday and today is slower than a snail. I know that other bloggers had the same problem, for example Freaky Frugality blogged about it. So, sorry if I can´t return all drops but the problems is in Entrecard website.
As you know, I blog at night and due to the time differences between Portugal and US, I seem to catch all the maintenance periods. When I make drops in the morning I seldom have problems. I guess I have to change my dropping schedule. Well, I will try to make my drops again tomorow, if it´s working I´ll return all of them.
Thanks for visiting and dropping your cards here in my simple Night Clicks blog!

3 comentários:

Scotty's Princess said...

It's freaking disappointing when you are all set to drop but the speed or the system isn't cooperating with you at all. I hope everything will return to normal soon.

May you have a fab weekend!

All the Best,

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it seems every bit as bad this morning. This seems to have been going on almost continuously for the last two days.

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks for commenting.
Entrecard has many new users that overload the site. Hope they work on this soon. Cheers.