Paintball Game Resources

The shooting sports industry has grown exponentially in the past decades and one sport that contributed to this development was the Paintball game.
Did you know paintball did not start out as a sport?
Well, I didn´t. This maybe the only shooting sport I like but I didn´t know much about it until I started to research.
Paintball began in the 1970's with the department of agriculture and guns were intended to mark trees and not to be used in a game. Farmers would also use these paint guns to mark their cattle and after they started playing the initial forms of this game.
The International Paintball Players Association was created in 1988 and nowadays there are different championships of paintball. To Play Paintball you´ll need a mask, a marker and the paintballs.
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Anonymous said...

I used to prefer paint ball as it is less blood thirst game than others :) just shooting paint ha... isn't that nice?