Saving Money and Meal Planning

It´s been awhile since my last post about saving money. After my supermarket budget challenge I realized I could save more if I did menu planning like other frugal bloggers are doing, for example, Move to Portugal.
While organizing my menu I decided to replace two suppers for easy to cook meals. I only started doing this changes last week, so I didn´t have enough time to find differences in our budget.
This first week I did soup with mix toasts but next week I´ll have to find something else to do because our toaster is not working properly anymore. While researching for my food blog, I found a toaster guide website. After reading the chrome toasters section I made up my mind. I´d like to buy a new toaster to cook my delicious recipe of mixed toasts with tomatoes because they´re affordable and more resistant. This investment maybe worth in the long run.

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