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Hi everyone.
I finally fixed all my adware problems and also did some maintenance:

~ Delete old files, keep only what´s really necessary and empty the bin
~ Delete cookies and temporary internet files
~ Copy important info to CDs
~ Backup my blogs
~ Clean disk and defragment
~ Run a total system scan with different antivirus tools
~ Clean screen and keyboard

I should do this tasks more often to keep my laptop in shape but weeks fly by so fast. I remember maintenance tasks whenever I´m in trouble, like I was on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Well, the truth is I was very lucky to fix all the problems myself. Now I can rest my soul and move on, I mean, blog on.
Good night.

2 comentários:

Mariuca said...

Blog on Mize! I too need to do some of the stuff mentioned on ur list lol! :):):)

Mizé said...

Hi Mariuca. Thanks for dropping by.
Only now I saw your comment...
I finally found courage to unplug for one day and do those things. Well, I was forced to it due to adware. I started thinking, what if I loose all data in my notebook, I would be blaming myself for the next decade, lol.
And what´s worst is I didn´t finish, I have to buy more CDs to store all the stuff.
A good Sunday xx