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I´ve always been a music lover but I´m a bit picky when I buy CDs. One thing I like is to have all my favorite oldies in CD. Vinil era and afternoon parties are one thing from the past, new generations have raves.
I have some cool single friends that rave a lot. They dress up specially for the occasion, drive miles to this parties but seem to have lots of fun because they always have funny stories to share.
My friends told me that they have fun buying specialized rave clothes and cool accessories. Well, this I didn´t know and was very curious about it. I browsed beatdrops rave clothing store to find what they use. This website specializes in brands, products & music from both the underground rave scene and the Hollywood club scene.
I was really surprised to find that, after all, they ware some cool things that I could use myself, such as leg warmers and this Hello Kitty knit hat:

Cool, ain´t it?
And you, do you rave?

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