My Latest Blogging Adventure

My latest blogging adventure/stupidity is learning how to blog with Wordpress platform. Yeap, I started a blog.
When I started my recent blogging endeavour, Netfreesource, I didn´t know if I could keep so many blogs but I wanted to try.
I prioritized earnings and decided that, if necessary, I would give up my food blog. I don´t have much time to invest in each blog like I wanted to but I think I´m doing a reasonable job. I started blogging with Night Clicks and now I have a few blogs with PR and traffic, both from social networking and search engines.
I try to post, at least, once or twice a week which I think is acceptable once my blogs don´t cover news. I monetize two blogs with paid reviews and others with Adsense. It´s been awhile since my last post about my MMO activities, Night Clicks developed in a different direction and I´ve been blogging about other topics. Do you miss my MMO post?
Well, this new blog I started is personal, I will update it on a weekly basis. My goal is to learn how to use Wordpress and, lately, I´ve been thinking about buying another domain. Later, I´ll share more details about my plans.
Good Night/Morning.

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Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

Happy thanksgiving - got a turkey for yah over at empty streets and a cool blog personality test you wouldnt want to miss ;) hehehe xoxox

diTesco said...

Hello. You have a nice blog here and yeah, MMO info will always be extremely appreciated, as I have a blog that runs MMO and stuff too. I have been blogging for almost 4 months now and, I wanted ask you something if I may.. How long have you had the Ask2Link (related websites - left sidebar) in your blog? I am curious as I have it for a while and I have not received one single ad. Long comment:) Have a nice day...

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gregsblog said...

once you have mastered it might be worth investing in cheap paid for hosting and host all of your blogs on the same host using the wordpress platform. like other free blog hosts do restrict to a certain extent what can be added to a blog/sidebar, hosting yourself you dont have those restrictions.

Wordpress is great


Mira said...

That's exactly what happened to me. I started with one and it grew into 6, LOL. I guess when you earn some you just want to earn more. I've never tried wordpress though, maybe if I've got time to spare which is right now its zero. It's hard to blog with a little toddler. I'm trying hard to keep up, lol. Anyway, sorry I haven't been dropping in 2 days, was really busy. I'm back now happy weekend.

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting.

Empty Streets: Really? Got to check that...
Thanks, I guess :)

Mizé said...

Hi diTesco.
Thanks, I try to post more than reviews :)
I recently joined them. If it hasn´t worked for you, maybe it won´t work for me either.
Thanks for sharing your experience about them.
I moved a bit from MMO but every time something works for me, I blog about it.
All the best. Mizé.

Mizé said...

Hi Greg.
Thanks for commenting.
Yeap, I heard about the restrictions.
Well, I just started with Wordpress but maybe, one day, I´ll reach that point.
I´m so used to blogspot...
A good Sunday.

Mizé said...

Hi Mira, I noticed you were missing but only on the second day.
It´s Ok, don´t need to be sorry, sometimes I unplug too.
I always return drops from my inbox so sorry if I missed dropping on you too.
Well, today EC is down, but I´ll be back to dropping tomorow.