Blog Chatbox: Is it Useful or Reduces Comments?

Hi everyone.
Some time ago I had a chatbox in Night Clicks but when I changed for the previous layout I didn´t upload it again.
Now that I visit other blogs more often, I miss my chat box. I don´t know if having a chat box has an influence in the number of comments left by visitors, but I wonder.
I think the chatbox can bring some more interaction to a blog, at least, I use it when visiting other blogs. It doesn´t replace comments, I use it for brief messages.
There are a few resources to have a free costum chatbox, one is:
So, if you have a chatbox in your blog and you´re reading this post, I´d like to know your oppinion: What do you think about this tool?

4 comentários:

Mar Matthias Darin said...

I'm not sold on the chat boxes. For me, it takes away from my content. I suppose this is probably site related. My site is heavily content based with little imagery and fluff, so anything outside that scope is a distraction.

Babette said...

Hi, I like having a chatbox in my blogs because like what you've mentioned, it's a tool for your visitors to interact with you. There are some visitors who are either shy to participate or don't have time so they don't comment but they leave a short message in the chatbox.
Btw, I have a tag for you. No pressure to participate, only do it if you like. :o)

marly said...

As for me, I used to have chatbox in my 3 blogs. But I decided to retain only one because I received spams in the 2 blogs. But some said I should put the chatbox back so that they can leave me messages. Well, I like it that way. I want real comments in my posts as well.

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks for sharing your opinions.
Mathias: I don´t know if ithe box, placed on the bottom of the front page really distracts from content or if it´s a tool to comunicate more, like Babette mentioned. Maybe it´s like you say, site-related. Maybe it´s better to try and see what happens.

Babette: I will check the tag. Thank´s for remembering me. Cheers!

Marly. Maybe I should use it only here in Night Clicks because it´s my "working station", the blog I update more. It´s a good idea to try. Cheers!