Blogger Status: One of Those Days...

Hi everyone.
Today was one of those days to...Forget!
Well, it all started last night. I was doing drops when my Panda started screaming, yeap I got a virus. I already found adware before but this time was a real virus that affected both browsers, IE and Firefox. Last night, I just couldn´t surf the net.
I had to check all the system but now I can´t open both browsers at the same time, I keep receiving IE errors that close the windows, arrg.
Then, this morning, my neighbour from the 4th floor was robed. Someone broke in her flat and took all her jewelry. She´s an old lady that lives by herself, TG no one got hurt.
I only knew about this event after lunch, on my way to a dentist appoitment.
At the dentist, I had anesthesia and it wasn´t nice at all. I spend the rest of the day with my face dormant, specially the nose, arrg.
Tonight I´m sleepy, last night (and the countless days before) I went to bed very late so today I´m sooo tired. After many nights this gets me good. I would need to sleep non-stop weeks to "recover" my lost sleep. I guess it´s like someone said: I´ll sleep when I die, lol.
Still, I´ll update some of my blogs and I´ll try to return some drops, then, around 3.00 off I go, +/- 30 minutes from now. I won´t be able to post tags and awards again, but they´ll be in my urgent Agenda.
A good Night.

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Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

I hate computer viruses! My laptop got one a couple of times this year.My hubby had to reformat it.

anyway, rest well Mize =)

Liza said...

i hope you had a good rest. that's what most bloggers are complaining about, lack of sleep. aside of course from viruses and spammers, lol.

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Mariuca said...

Sorry to hear abt ur computer virus Mize! I hope ul cheer up with the tag I have waiting for u at Mariuca's! Have fun sweetie! :):):)