Blogger Status: Weekend in Family

Hi everyone.
Weekend´s here again, and I say again because lately time flys by so fast. I don´t know if it´s because I´m getting older :) but since I started blogging my time notion is different. All this travel makes me jet lag, lol.
Well, the truth is I hated time and schedules before and blogging brought me a whole new time dimension. Moving on to my post topic, the tittle says it all.
This weekend my mother is visiting us. She arrived Friday afternoon and will travel back to Setúbal tomorow. So, this weekend will be spent in quality family time but only during the day. At night, I´ll be blogging, off course. I also have some house chores, bills to pay and supermarket shopping to do so I´ll be busy with my offline life too.
See you soon.

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