Teachers on Strike

Hi everyone.
Today, my daughter´s school was closed, like many others countrywide. Portuguese teachers are striking for better working conditions, an old fight.
For me, it was Ok, I spent the day with my daughter but some parents weren´t that happy.
Parents were complaining about the strike because, apparently, they had to go to work and didn´t know what to do with the kids. Here in Portugal many parents can´t afford paying daycare or ATL, which are private schools kids attend to do homeworks, different activities and play.
Last summer I worked in one ATL in part-time, remember?
I came home with my daughter and while driving I couldn´t stop thinking how lucky I am to be able to support my daughter the way I do, almost full time. Nowadays, most couples have to work, one wage pays for the rent, the other pays food and the rest. With the increasing prices of houses and other goods, this is a reality for many Portuguese young couples.
Recently, in the public TV news channel, our central bank director recognised (again) that many Portuguese families are badly in debt.
Well, to sum, my day was spent with my daughter and, as usual, we had a great time. Now that we have Atos, she has a fun "toy" to play. I think we we are very lucky with Atos, he likes all of us but has a special care for her. He follows her everywhere and starts miowww at the front door when she goes to school.
A good night to all.

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