Custom Layout For My Dot Com Blog

Hi folks. A good weekend to all.
Not long ago, I promissed myself that I would invest in my blogs some of my blogging earnings.
In the past months, I had so many expenses that I didn´t manage to save any money but this month I decided to invest before I spend it all in Christmas presents, or other things, lol.
As you probably noticed, I stopped posting about my earnings, but if you´re curious, just ask. I already bought a few things with my blogging earnings, maybe I should post about that.
Last week, I asked Carlota to make a new custom layout for my blog Netfreesource, it´s kind of a present for myself. She did a very good job, specially because I didn´t provide her any images or a precise idea. She almost finish her work so this weekend I´ll be working on my blog, installing the new layout.
I hope to return all drops, and check what´s up in my favorite blogs
See you soon.

Update - 10/11/08
My new layout is installed.
This is my new logo:


2 comentários:

Mariuca said...

Mize! My MM post is up already, looking forward to urs sweetie! YAY! :):):)

Mizé said...

Hi Mariuca.
I´m taking care of that right now...
Thanks for dropping by. Maybe this week I can visit all our fellow MM.
Last week I failed on that.