I Can´t Comment in Some Blogs!

Hi. Tonight it will be a long night blogging, again. It all started this morning when I decided to make my Entrecard round. First, I could only drop a few cards, then...server down, again. In the afternoon, the same message.
Now, it´s up again but it´s already midnight here in Portugal. I have a few reviews to post and if I want to return all drops, I have to be up. The worst part is I have to get up early in the morning.
Another thing that is bodering me again is I can´t comment in some blogs I visit trough Entrecard when I use Firefox, I´m so frustrated because this!
Does anyone have the same problem?
Well, what happens is:
When I login my Entrecard account, I go to my inbox and I return drops from there. When I want to comment on a blog that uses Blogger normal comment form, everything is Ok, but in some blogs what I get is this:

Click the image to enlarge. This is just an example, it happens in several blogs.

Below the comment box, there´s an option to select (comment as). Even when I´m logged in my Google account, before trying to comment, the form doesn´t recognize me. There´s no option to select, so my comment isn´t accepted.
Has anyone experienced the same problem?
Do you know how to solve this?
I would appreciate a little help, I want to comment in my cyber friend´s blog and I can´t. Well, off to work I go, be back soon.

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MarlyMS said...

I didn't pay attention to this yesterday because whenever I don't see the options, I refresh the screen.

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Mizé said...

Hi Marly.
I will try what you suggest to see if it works.
A good Wednesday!