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I started this blog one year ago but I never thought about buying my own domain and hosting. When I started to visit other experienced blogs all of them recommended the same thing. They pointed out that a good way to establish your online presence is to own your own domain and hosting but at that time it sounded to complicated for a non tech persons like me.
If you´re thinking about taking this step, consider doing a comparison exercise before you finally choose your hosting provider. There are so many providers offering affordable prices, why not compare them to know what´s the best service/price relation?
If you´d like to make this comparison, Webhostinggeeks is a website, created in 2004, that provides information about the best web hosting available. This website offers complete information about different hosting plans features, prices and service quality.
Webhostinggeeks hosting rankings are based on the best price-value ratio, considering factors like: host reliability, uptime, key and bonus features, customer support, user feedbacks, user- friendliness and hosting awards.
Besides hosting awards, in Hostinggeeks website you can also read the ten latest user´s hosting reviews where they share their experiences with some providers. You´ll also find articles that cover the basics of this type of web services.

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