Back To School - Ten Years After

Some days ago, while visiting Entrecard blogs, I came across a blog called "10 Years After". I read a couple posts and soon I found that this blogger is someone who returned to school ten years after, just like me.
When I read a post about feeling insecure to go back to school, ten years later and older than colleagues, I thought to myself: I´ve been there!
I can say I felt exactly the same but, nowadays, I think it was the best choice I did. I don´t regret anything. I know that when I finish my course, I´ll miss the good times I had and my school mates.
Probably I won´t have a job waiting for me, I invested much and don´t know if I´ll be able to get any return but I did what I always wanted to do. You see, it was my mom´s dream too. She´s 68 now and I wanted her to be proud of me. My parents didn´t have the chance to go to University so it was kind of a duty I had. I´m glad I managed to enter the course I´ve always wanted, otherwise it would be frustrating.
It wasn´t an easy decision, specially because my daughter was only one year old.
Now that I´m in the last year, I look back and I feel enriched with this experience. Reading this blog made me feel I´m not alone in this adventure.

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Benjamin said...

It's Ben from 10 years later. As a new blogger, it made me so happy I'd reached out and related to others! It's great to know others have been there. Would you mind posting to me new blog above, it not, no biggie. Thanks again for reading!

Kristine said...

Thanks for asking when you didn't understand. I was asking if in your post above you would link to my blog to give it credit. Thanks again for the post!

Mizé said...

Now I´m confused...Benjamin, Kristine...
I don´t mind adding the link, I didn´t do it right away because I´m doing sponsored posts in this blog. Are you sure about this, or you don´t mind?