Sproutwells Go Techi-Holic

Maybe you already heard about the Sproutwells or saw their latest video on a blog. If not, you can watch them now:

The Sproutwells are a fun fruit & veggie family living among humans and they´re trying to fit in our world. They are big fans of Freshfunds.com and like to use this site to bid on prizes while having a healthy lifestyle.
The truth is they become techi-holic, just like me with my blogs. Some day, my family will hide my Notebook forever.
If you join freshfunds you can win new prizes every week, trough a credits system, or make charity donations with points you earned. Prizes include an elliptical machine, ultimate ski weekend for two, Nintendo Wii Fit.
You can gain your points with: Chiquita Fruit and Veggie Bites, Fresh Express Gourmet Café Salads and Fresh Express Packaged Salads.
Once there are new prizes every week, soon you can bid on a new Apple MacBOOK for all you "techi-holics". Check it out!


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