We Adopted a Furfriend: Atos

In a recent post I mentioned our intention of adopting a cat. We´re all catlovers, including my daughter, and I really missed having a furfriend. The last cat we had was before my daughter was born, around ten years ago. We lost him due to a car, you can imagine what happened.
Well, today we adopted "Atos", a six months male cat. Today was his first day in our home but he´s adapting to his new space very well. This cat´s previous owners live in a small countryhouse, so Atos was used both being outside and inside the house.
Well, I will blog more about our new friend in My Countryhome blog. It´s a bit off topic here in Night Clicks but I´m so happy that I wanted to give you the news.

4 comentários:

Mariuca said...

Hi Mize!! I want to see some pics of Atos pls! I bet ur daughter must be so happy to get a new furry friend YAY! :):):)

Mizé said...

Hi Mariuca.
Hope B is better.
I´ll blog about him in My Countryhome blog, soon.
My daughter loves animals, that´s why I adopted him, lol.
She was asking for a fur friend for ages and she wanted one as Christmas present, badly.
See you soon.

Mira said...

Mize, that's very noble to do, adopting a pet. I would love to see this cute Atos, I'm sure he will land spots in your blogs soon, lol. Hey I've got something for you, if you get the chance pls grab it here

Mariuca said...

Thank you Mize! B is feeling better, in fact i'm cooking dinner for him now, a late one that is. :):):)