Night Clicks Blogversary

Today is Night Clicks Blogversary!
Times flies so fast! I almost forgot about my Blogversary and didn´t have time to prepare anything special.
One thing I can assure you, I also blog for fun and I´m very glad I started Night Clicks.
My first blogging experience was in September 2007. I started a Portuguese blog about one of my hobbies, "Stained Glass" and later I decided to blog in English, so in November I started Night Clicks.
This year was full of learning experiences and in the last six months I started socializing more with other bloggers, specially trough Entrecard.
Socializing has been a very rewarding experience that has an influence in my blogging activities. My topics focus changed along the way.
I feel enriched and willing to learn more.
For those who visit my blog, a big thanks!
Without you blogging wouldn´t be the same.

2 comentários:

wiehanne said...

Happy 1 year Blogversary! Time does fly so fast especially if you enjoy what you're doing. :)

Mizé said...

Hi Wiehanne.
Thanks! I remembered this because of a button to remember us our blogversary that I saw in a fellow blog.
First I thought I would blog for money, but then I got hooked, lol. Meanwhile, I discovered that I really enjoy blogging. Cheers!