Internet Security Tool: SurfRecon Filter Software

Since my daughter started using the internet I often think about security and parenting control features to filter and avoid her access to innapropriate content.
Differently from what we can think, internet filters cannot filter everything. A recent US Government study ( ) concluded that even the best filters could only block 91% of adult websites, leaving 9% or more unfiltered.
Recently, I came across a tool, called SurfRecon, that allows users to detect pornography images on a computer, which is an excellent addition to an internet filter.
SurfRecon is an easy to use tool that allows you to actively scan a computer system whenever you want to check it. This tool´s Home Edition can be downloaded directly to your computer or purchased pre-installed on a thumb drive.
If you are interested in trying SurfRecon, you can see a video demonstration or download an evaluation copy of the software for free. You can also purchase SurfRecon in the website store.

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Angie Atkinson said...

Oh this is good information! My oldest son is eleven, and my five year old uses the computer too. I just have the PC in the middle of the main part of the house so I can watch them, and of course limit their time--but I like the idea of extra protection. Great post!

John Smith said...

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Mizé said...

Hi Angie.
Thanks for your visit, comment and compliment.
I realised I need extra protection when my daughter typed words (Barbie toys and others) in G. and found weird adult stuff.
Last year, in University, I had the chance to participate in a conference about Internet Security for Kids that "opened my eyes" to internet danger she´s exposed to if I don´t provide any solutions.
If things develop like in recent years, maybe one day this type of software comes with all PCs for free, lol.
I´m happy that you´re Night Clicks follower. If you have time, check out my other blogs too.