About Blog Advertising: Does Performancing Ads Works?

Last September, I wrote a post about some of my blog advertising experiences. In this post, I mentioned I was trying a recent network called Performacing Ads. I´ve seen this network´s logo in many sites but never saw many advertisers.
This network didn´t work for me and I also read that other bloggers are having problems. So, I quited this network during October because there were no advertisers at all. I have some questions about this topic:
If they don´t have advertisers why do I see their logo all over the blogosphere?
Does this network works for bloggers?
I only see the logo but rarely see ads, doesn´t it smell fishy?
A good Sunday to all.

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Liza said...

i have also noticed a lot of widgets from different blogs and there are no advertisers. i wanted to try it before, but never got to. thank you for posting, now i now i shouldn't :)

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Babette said...

I've only had 2 ADs on this service. I must admit that I have not used their advertising even though I have enough credits to do so. I just don't have the time to set it up. I'll have to try it soon.

Mariuca said...

Hi Mize! Guess who is at MPG today? Thanks sweetie! :):):)

Mariuca said...

I've not tried this program myself but I do see some of the ads on other blogs. :)

Liza said...

hi mize! i'm back to deliver this...


just grab it when you have the time. :D

LadyJava said...

Hi Mize
I think Performance ads only works with wordpress ads.. coz you need to upload something to your pages.. and they don't work with blogger.. I signed up to not realising that but once I did.. I stop paying attention to it..heheh

bingkee said...

They do work with other platforms like mine--Typepad. However I deleted it coz I was so frustrated with it because one day they will have ads , then the next day they are down, then the next day they have no ads.

diTesco said...

Hi there. Performancing Ads works on any platform, including blogger. While I will not classify them yet as SCAM, they are however trying all their best to do so. I was running ads from performancing until about two months ago. I finally surrendered and took it off because it was not working well for me. They have a serious support problem (one that doesn't give you any response) too.

BTW, the reason why you still see them everywhere is that most of the time people are using it to exchange banners. If do not have paid ads, you can substitute it with your own, and this will show up on other people's site.

A suggestion if I may, mize. You should consider allowing your comment box for anyone and not just for Google account holders and open id'ers:) What if I do not have both? It is a good anti-SPAM measure but you might be loosing some precious comments because of this. You can always moderate comments or simply delete them later, if you wish.

Merry X'mas and a happy new year.