Alexa: No Data?

Last week, I noticed that Night Clicks´ Alexa Ranks had decreased.
First, I thought it was due to a reduction of EC visitors with Alexa Toolbar installed but when I took a look at my EC statistics and found that the number of visitors had increased. I couldn´t verify if all EC droppers have Alexa installed so the question remained in my head.
While doing my EC round I read more info about this topic, Sasha Says Website had noticed it too but she sent an e-mail to Alexa. She received a prompt reply from Alexa explaining they were having problems with their service due to a new server. You can read Sasha´s post about Alexa ranks too.
After reading Sasha post things were clear, it was Alexa´s problem not mine. Yesterday, I found some of my blogs displaying "No Data". I don´t know if you noticed that but I did.
Alexa Sparky for Firefox displays ranks but some widgets don´t. I guess they´re still having problems because today I found the same, "No Data".
Alexa ranks is important for bloggers (like me) that monetize their sites trough advertising. Many advertisers rely on Alexa data to measure traffic and value a website or blog. To download Alexa tools visit:
See you soon.

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Mariuca said...

Sasha did a good job informing us with her post. I hope u get ur stats back soon. :)

LaTonya Yvette said...

Thanks for the information on Alexa, I'm heading there now to take a look.

going2oahu said...

This is precisely the reason I advise against using Alexa stats on my blog. They have been super inconsistent in my opinion.

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DedeAndro™ said...

I have the same problem with you. My Alexa widget displaying "No Data" :(.

Mizé said...

Hi Mariuca.
Yes, Sasha did a good job with her post but the problem now is different. When she made her post, Alexa widgets were showing different values from reality. The problem now is the No Data info, and more weird is only happening in some blogs.
This problem hasn´t affected the PPP networks I work with so, for now, is Ok.
Good Sunday!

Mizé said...

Hi La Tonya.
Thanks for your visit and comment.
You´re welcome.

Mizé said...

Hi going2oahu:
You´re right, their rank is not accurate but, as I explained in my post, I need Alexa for PPP networks and private advertising, otherwise I wouldn´t care about it. In my other blogs I have just for the fun of blogging, doesn´t make any difference.

Mizé said...

Hi DedeAndro.
Thanks for commenting.
Yeap, I noticed that when droping ECs today. The weirdest is only some blogs are affected, I wonder why...