Enterprise Resource Planning Software

In today´s competitive market, many companies in different areas are using new software solutions to manage effectively their operations, such as Enterprise Resource Planning Software.
Enterprise Resource Planning Software, or ERP, is a comprehensive business management system designed to organize companies´ different structures such as accounting and inventory management.
There are two types of ERP systems: Thick client, commonly used, and Thin client. The basic difference is a thick client software performs most information processing on a remote computer and thin systems use a central server. Thin client ERP are browser based software systems that are being employed to manage medium to large companies.
Thin systems have more advantages than thick, for example, they can be reached from multiple locations without restricting the number of simultaneous users. An expressive number of companies are choosing thin client ERP systems because they allow a reduction in hardware, servers or software training costs and help optimize the company´s resources.
In a near feature, most companies will prefer thin client systems because they´re more flexible and can be adapted as the company grows.
If you´d like to have more information about Thin client ERP systems you can visit Thin-client-erp.com. This Website focus is providing information about thin software solutions and vendors.

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