Blog Advertising: Adgitize, a New Company

If you´re a Night Clicks reader you know I´m always looking for the best ways to monetize my blogs. I like trying new things, learn with the experience, then, I blog about it.
In the past, I´ve joined a few advertising networks that didn´t work for me. I learned my lessons and moved on. As I mentioned in previous posts, Adsense is my best earner but only works for me in my niche blogs and I think it´s because I have some daily search engine traffic.
Ok, so today I joined a new advertising company, Adgitize.
I will post a detailed review about this new advertising network for blogs in a future post. For now, if you haven´t joined yet, you can check out how it works in their website, it has a nice affiliate scheme.
This is my link:

Adgitize your web site.

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Liza said...

i also joined this yesterday. have you tried project wonderful? it's not much, but i'm earning from it ;)

Life's sweets and spices

Mariuca said...

Morning!!! Mize, did u get my last email on the meme links???

I also asked a couple of ppl abt the missing links, and I am waiting for them to respond, to try and help u with the links okay? Hang in there sweetie!! :):):)

MarlyMS said...

Hello Mize! How's ur day?
I hope you can post ur share with the tag I have for you here:



seekngsane said...

where did you get the blog template with the 3 columns?! I tried to use one I downloaded from Ronan a template maker with blogspot too.. and it had html errors. Would welcome the help,thnks!!


BioTecK said...

I already joined it.. I'll give it some time and see if it works for me.. :)

Mizé said...

Hi everyone. Thanks for commenting!
I´m catching up comments tonight.

Mizé said...

Hope you used my link, lol.
Yes, I have PW in two of my blogs. Like you said, it´s not much, but it adds up.
Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience.

Mizé said...

Yes, I got your mails, Thanks so much!
Thanks to them I found a solution.
I will comment on your blog how I did. Cheers xxx

Mizé said...

Hi Marly!
Good, thanks for asking.
Thanks for remembering me!
I will check it and post it too, just can´t promisse when.

Mizé said...

Hi Seekngsane.
Thanks for commenting.
Sure, I´ll help you.
Going now to your blog to comment.

Mizé said...

Hi Bio Teck.
Thanks for commenting.
Just like you, I have to try it for myself, give it some time to check if it works. Normally, I make a follow up post sharing my experience.