Our Christmas Tree

Hi everyone.
This weekend, we finally found some time to do our Christmas tree.
I had a big list of things to do, including house chores, shopping & cooking, but we found some time to go out and buy our tree.
My daughter and Atos had a great time decorating the tree. You can imagine Atos running all over the living room after the Christmas balls, can´t you?
Well, our tree isn´t finished yet but by the picture you can have an idea how it looks. The next thing we need to do is the "Presépio".
A good rest of Sunday.

2 comentários:

Ching Ya said...

Nice! I just love Christmas Trees. I have my first treeafter married. I know, it's a little small, but, better than none. =)

Merry Christmas.

Mariuca said...

Oh what a delightful tree u have here Mize! It's so much fun to see so many Christmas trees up and about in the blogworld. Ho ho ho!! :):):)