Blogger Status: Changing The Look of My Food Blog

Hi everyone. I´m back to work on my blogs and my tittle sums what I´m up to right now. My Blogger Status messages are like longer Tweets, lol.
The New Year is coming but before it arrives there´s something I´d like to do. Besides posting tags and awards, I´d like to change the way my food blog looks.
Currently, I can´t afford a custom layout but that doesn´t mean I can´t change the actual one, right?
I´ve been looking for some free layouts in my resource list and I found a rather interesting option, more related to food than the actual one. Although this new layout has a thematic header, it can be changed later. I just need to find a new header with the exact pixels or buy a custom one.
Recently, while searching for design resources and trough Entrecard, I´ve meet some very talented web designers. They´re all so good that it´s difficult to chose one.
Well, in sum this means that in the next days I´ll be working on my food blog too. I hope the new layout works out well.
See you soon.

2 comentários:

Monica said...

Can't wait to see your new layout Mize! ;-)

Mariuca said...

I'm sure u will do a great job Mize, happy Tuesday! :)