Netfleet Announced Partnership With Netregistry

If you´re an Australian domain owner or have interest in this market there are some fresh news: Netfleet announced a partnership with Netregistry.
For Australian domain market, this means the leading domain name registrar partners with biggest domain aftermarket.
Larry Bloch, CEO of Netregistry, said: “We see significant growth in this area. Currently our efforts are focused on education as much as anything - most people do not even realize that domain names are now tradeable assets so it's a question of creating the industry as well as satisfying the demand."
With this partnership, Netfleet´s objective is to expand and improve their domain trading site: “Bringing together the existing proprietary technology of our current website with the massive customer base of the Netregistry group, we expect to cement Netfleet as the leading destination for domain name trading. We hope to attract thousands of new listings by capitalizing on Netregistry's customer base of over 250,000 businesses.”
Netfleet's domains for sale get maximum exposure to potential buyers. The best part is they don´t charge domain owners to list their domain properties on the site or a fee for any successful transaction.
Registrars have become a "all in one shop" where clients can get distinct services, such as domain name, pre-built websites, website development services, hosting, software, etc. This partnership can help expand the "au" domain market. In short term, Netfleet hopes to provide more domain names for sale, more domain buyers, more site features while maintaining the actual customer driven focus.


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