Blogger Status: Routine Checkup

Hi everyone.
This week is the last before school´s Christmas holidays. Most private service doctors I go to don´t work during Christmas, so I decided to schedule checkup appointments both for me and my daughter before that. My hubby also did a checkup last November and now it´s our turn.
So, first we went to the dentist, on Wednesday I had a doctor appointment for my daughter and today is my turn.
Although the weather has been cold here, no one´s sick. I just scheduled this appointments as routine and to ask for some prescriptions I need.
My daughter´s doctor said everything is fine with her. She pointed out that my daughter is well developed for her age but a bit over weighted. It´s in her genes, she was born with over four kilos but the main cause is she loves to eat and has a mother that cooks like I do.
The doctor also checked her respiration, blood pressure, ears, belly, feet and recommended to check her eyes soon but with a specialist. Once my hubby and I both use eyeglasses, sooner or later she might need as well. I know I can buy cheap eyeglasses online but I hope she doesn´t need them so soon.
Today I will check my blood sugar values and I just hope the doctor don´t ask me to take blood, I really don´t like blood tests, I get sick when I don´t eat for a long time. Well, it´s better to be brave and finish this checkup as quickly as I can.
Catch up with you later.

5 comentários:

Mariuca said...

Hi Mize, I hope the results came out okay for you. Hugsy! :):):)

Monica said...

oh dear I can't stand the sight of blood or needles..
hope everything goes well for you! ;-)

Mizé said...

Hi Ladies.
Thanks for your comments and sorry for my late reply. This weekend, I wasn´t very productive online.

Mizé said...

Mariuca: I escaped the tests! Iupi!
The new and sweet lady Doctor decided she had plenty information on my medical records so she didn´t ask to repeat those awful tests again. I´m so glad it worked this way, I was shaking...
Hugs too! xxx

Mizé said...

Hi Monica.
I have a thing with needles but blood is Ok. The problem is this tests consists of drinking half liter of a milky sweet substance without having anything in the stomach. One hour later they take the blood. Ok, in sum, it´s awful.
Blood and needles fear are simple phobias that only go away when we face them. Gotta deal with them or the fear never goes away.
A great Monday!