Internet Explorer: Security Fail and IE 8 Beta

A Portuguese newspaper online, called Público, published in the "last minute news" (16.12.2008 - 14h51) that Internet Explorer has a serious security fail.
According to BBC Online, cit. by Público, this security fail enables hackers to access private information stored in our PCs, such as passwords, account numbers and other data.
Specialists advised to change browser until this problem is solved.

Today, after searching info about the mentioned problem, I found that a new version of IE was released, IE 8 Beta. I´m not sure if this problem occurs in this new version too.
Anyway, Internet Explorer 8 Beta is now available to most countries. You can read more info and download it directly from Microsoft Website.

Update: 21/12/08

Microsoft developed a fix for this problem. Check out Windows Update or Microsoft Website for more info on this fix.

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