Dieting Formula That Works

I´ve been visiting some websites about dieting and I already learned some tips, such as healthy recipes and the importance of counting calories. Not all diets work, losing weight depends on different factors including habits, meals and general lifestyle.
When I think about dieting there´s one formula that stands out. This formula is healthy food combined with exercise. I belive that balanced meals combined with appropriate exercise is the best way to lose weight.
The problem with most people, me included, is we have a sedentary lifestyle. I try hard to cook healthy food but I don´t exercise much, I only do a daily walk.
It would be great if I could have home exercise equipment such as Bowflex, it would sure motivate me to exercise more because I don´t like going to gyms very much.
And you, what´s your favorite formula?

2 comentários:

Monica said...

I don't do any exercise at all, don't eat right..oh dear it's time to check out the Bowflex! ;-)

Mizé said...

Hi Monica. Thanks for commenting.
I´m catching up comments.
I try to eat healthy but, like you, I don´t exercise much and I should, lol.
By your the pics in your blog you look in shape!
My daughter loves exercise equipment, everytime we go to a sports section there she goes, she says it´s fun :)