Night Clicks: Thank You EC Bloggers

Another month is gone, it´s time to thanks all EC bloggers that, during November, daily visited Night Clicks.
I´ve been on Entrecard´s top droppers list for several months but probably I´m not in any blogger´s top list. This happens because I drop every day on some blogs, specially from my inbox, but I also like to find new ones. Anyway, it´s a pleasure to feature this 10 great sites I visit:

~ Adsense Addict
~ A Simple Life
~ Lainy's Musings
~ Babette's Definitely Maybe
~ Earn Blogger
~ Septagon Studios Inc News Blog
~ Online Social Networking
~ Money Ning
~ The Matthias Chronicles
~ Our Journey to Forever

In November, Night Clicks top advertiser was Lisa, thanks!
You just won one month ad in my left sidebar.

Mommy's Little Corner

My top commentors were:



Lady Java


Thanks all!
Without you blogging wouldn´t be the same.

9 comentários:

Liza said...

thanks mize! you're super! :)

Liza said...

Thank you so much for featuring me here. I love your blogs too and it's been a pleasure coming here ;)

Babette said...

hi Mize, thank you! :o)

LadyJava said...

Wah Awesome! I'm number two?? and why am I not surprised of that lady on top of me??!! Lol!!

Congrats GP!!

Thanks Mize.. for the linky love!! Will try to overtake GP this month.. though gonna be difficult w/o my Miss Fly!!

Lanie said...

Hi Mize, thanks for all the comments you left in my blogs. I didn't make it to the top 10 list as well and I had to keep dropping until I get to the top too. tc

Mira said...

Hi Mize, a big thanks to you too for the linky love! I love reading your posts, so I can't just drop and go, I have to comment too. Have a nice Tuesday as well!

Random Thoughts
Mira's Web Journal
A Moment to Exhale
My Barefoot Journey
My Kitchen Table
Scrappy Mommy

Mariuca said...

YAY! I am ur TC ha ha, thanks for the linky love sweetie, you're the best! And congrats to all the rest. :):):)

Mizé said...

Hi Ladies.
It´s my pleasure, you´re so welcome!
You´re all great bloggers and ciber friends. Meeting you has been the best experience in my blogging time.
Once again, Thanks for visiting my simple blogs! You give them life.

Gem said...

I also stopped dropping ECs last month. I got tired of dropping and my computer's slow too. And I need the time to work on new ways to earn cash.

Anyway your blog is still one that I visit often.