Night Clicks Topics: Weird Log Request - Problems With Mr Linky Feature

Hi everyone.
Today, when I loaded Night Clicks for the first time I got this weird log request like you can see in this screenshoot:

Click to enlarge

First, I didn´t knew what was happening but then I did a bit of research and found that this log request comes from Blenza website. This website provides the linky feature I´ve been using on Music Monday.
I checked other blogs that participate in MM and it´s happening the same. I decided to removed all scripts from my blog until this problem is fixed because I don´t want that log request to bother my visitors.
So, if you visited Night Clicks, or dropped your EC here and found this anoying log request, I´m sorry, it´s a problem with the linky feature.

5 comentários:

Mira said...

I got that a lot too while dropping EC's, I wonder what's going on,

LadyJava said...

Hi Mize :)
Yeah I was having problems with it as well.. and you are right it is the Mr Linky from the However they have rectified the problem so all should be fine now..

Have a great day!

Mariuca said...

Hi Mize, I too had the same problem, and even restored my laptop to an earlier time to try and get rid of it. Good thing it's fixed now then yay! :):):)

Mizé said...

Hi Ladies, thanks for your comments.

Mira: It´s the linky feature script. I guess they already fixed it.

LJ: I removed the codes right away, now that things got back to normal I will add the script again.


Mizé said...

Hi Mariuca.
Yeap, your blog was afeected too. Before posting, I checked a few blogs to make sure.
It looks like it´s fixed, but let me tell you it wasn´t a good experience. For moments, I though my blog was hacked, and freaked out a bit, lol. Then, I puted my brains to work, Googled the adress and concluded that it was from the linky feature.
I´ll add the code now. Cheers :)