XML Contest for Students or Pros

If you have xml skills and like to participate in contests, XMLchallenge.com is running a competition to find a xml superstar.
This competition includes five contests and was developed both for students and professionals. Each xml contest included in this competition requires different levels of expertise. You´ll find:

~ A video contest, where you will need to invent a creative use of xml, XQuery or DB2 and record yourself doing it.

~ A gadget contest, where you will need to develop a downloadable gadget or widget leveraging DB2.

~ A query contest, which consists of using XQuery to find five answers. The best queries will win the best prizes.

~ A ported app contest in which is required to port or develop a new app for DB2. In this contest you can enter as an individual or as a team.

~ A xml2 contest. You will need to build useful, user-friendly xml apps from scratch. In this contest you can also enter as an individual or a team.

Before entering the selected contest, you will first need to complete a short questionnaire that requires no previous xml or database experience. After completing this quick quizz you can register in any of the five contests.
For detailed information, please visit XMLchallenge.com.

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Mariuca said...


Hi Mize! You’re invited to join me on a BEARY-special meme, have fun! :D

RoxiticusDH said...

Who doesn't need a little holiday cheer from a cuddly teddy bear? BEAR-iuca is here to bring you and your blog linky good luck from around the blogosphere. Please stop by Roxiticus Desperate Housewives to join in the Spirit of BEAR-iuca meme.
Happy Holidays!

admin said...


Please, register to the contest and vote on me http://xmlchallenge.com/gadget-contest/home, my entry is “VoiceXML Generator” :-)