About My Other Blog: Netfreesource

Hi everyone.
Today´s post is about Netfreesource, a Blog where I post about free resources available online.
In this blog, I review websites that I find useful or somehow interesting. Most websites I recommend are found trough search engines. To keep it up, I have to research on a weekly basis and then filter results. I visit every website and, when possible, before posting I try the services they offer.
When I started Netfreesource, my first concern was content but when Night Clicks lost rank I had to reformulate my whole blogging plan.
I knew from the start it wouldn´t be easy to monetize Netfreesource because it has a specific focus on free resources but I didn´t care much about earning, the same as my food blog or My Countryhome.
In October, I submitted Netfreesource to different advertising companies and was accepted by a few, except PPP. I always knew I could earn more if I had my own domain but I didn´t want to start another personal blog for that purpose. Now that Night Clicks kept it´s rank there are less opportunities to do. If I want to maintain my current online income, I have to find another plan.
I´m thinking about reformulating Netfreesource. For example, I could give it a wider focus, include more personal content and change the design. Care to share your thoughts?

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