Blogger Status: Busy as a Bee

Hi everyone.
Last night, was a long night for me. I was online until late hours because I had a few tasks I couldn´t miss. As I mentioned in a previous post, the current situation makes us work more for less but, after ten days without earning, is like take it or leave it.
Yesterday, I also worked on my Portuguese blog and tried to catch up with comments.
Because I went to bed so late, this morning I feel asleep and missed one of my Thursday tasks which is taking my daughter to English lessons.
As my post tittle says, I´ve been busy as a bee. I have a handful of things to do at the same time and the hours of the day aren´t enough. Right now, besides school and house chores I have to organize my daughter´s birthday party and prepare my mother´s flat to rent again because tenants are leaving this weekend. The family mini real state business is a part of my life I rarely blog about but it´s a task I´ve been doing in the past decade. Well, I´m off to do the house chores. See you later.

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Mariuca said...

Mize! I too am a busy bumblebee this week!! And today I hafta cook dinner and am running late oh no!!

Mariuca said...

24 hours in a day is just not enough for me too, gimme more time!!

Shinade said...

Hi Mize',
Well I finally made it over. About time too don't you think?

Thank you so much for your visits and your support. I am feeling really really good.

Wow and I have a daughter who's birthday is February 7th. So we something in common. That is besides our good looks right?

I tell you I went to the supermarket today and just picked up a few things and it was just under $80.00.

Times are tough all over but I am sure we can make it through this if we just keep the faith and keep on keeping on!

I have company coming over soon so I am rushing. I am adding you to my favorites so I can hopefully visit everyday.

And I do think I should at least blog roll you!

Happy weekend...hugs and smiles:-)

Mizé said...

Hi Mariuca.
Thanks for dropping by, even when you´re so busy!
I cook dinners almost every day, ummm don´t talk about food...I´m already wondering what you´re going to cook... some foods there are so different. I like trying new things.
Well, a Good dinner!

Mizé said...

Picture this:
Yesterday, I turned my notebook around 11 pm and turned it off at 7 am. What did I do mostly? Dropping and reading other blogs!
By 7 am I wasn´t in conditions to update my own blogs, lol.
So, today I´m skipping some drops otherwise I don´t have a life :)

Mizé said...

Hi Shinade!
Thanks for your visit, I know you´re a busy bee too.
It´s great that you´re feeling much better.
I do get attached to my online frieds, they become a part of my real life too. When I read you weren´t feeling well I was worried so I offered what I have: Cheer up words and my friendship.
Remember you´re in control of your thoughts, don´t let the bad ones take over your mind.

Oh, your daughter was born on 7/02, you also got an Aquarius...very sensible persons. So, next week we´re partying!
I´m sure we got more things in comon, we just haven´t discovered them yet :)
Good looking? Me? Ahhh... thanks!

About the prices:
I think, in general, in US groceries and goods are cheaper than in Portugal. When I look to some online stores I notice cheaper prices on some goods but I know it all depends on the area you live. Well, the truth is goods are expensive everywhere, we just need to find the best deals.
I can´t complain much about my life, I think I have a good one.
I already did some shopping, toguether with my monthly groceries. I still have to buy some things but I´m sure I´ll spend over 100.00 Euros for 15 kids and I´m doing some things myself.
I´ll drop by to visit you too.
If you like we can blogroll. You can add My Countryhome blog, better neighborhood than this one.
I´ll add Paited Veil there.
Good Weekend! xx