Greeting Cards: A Nice Gesture

With so many new technologies available, writing hand letter seems to be in extinction. I´m the oldfashion type, I enjoy receiving letters and greeting cards. If you need personalized cards, both for personal or business use, one good Website to visit is Gallery Collection dot com.
The Gallery Collection is owned by Prudent Publishing, a USA based family company, first established in 1929. This leading company is publisher of quality Christmas, Holiday, and All Occasion greeting cards. Recently, they donated 1,000 cards to 'Operations Gratitude' and Barrack Obama signed them at Calvin Coolidge High School in Washington, DC the day before the inauguration.
In Gallery Collection Website you´ll find a vast selection of personalized cards, available only from the publisher, which are suitable for most occasions. For example, you can find Business Birthday Cards, Calendar Cards, Photo Cards, Thank You Cards and Holiday Assortment Boxes. All prices include matching envelopes made of recycled paper. Gallerie Collection cards are available in USA, UK and Canada.
Sending a card in special occasions can be a remarkable gesture remembered for a long time. For example, if you received a unique card from your boss, greeting you for a good job you´ve recently done wouldn´t you be happy for that gesture? Or if a company which you are client sends you a personalized birthday card, don´t you think they are very nice and treat you in a special way? A greeting card can be a gesture you´ll remember or be remembered.

2 comentários:

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

You just made me remember the last time I sent out a greeting card - not an electronic one but a real card made by my own hands hehe. and that was in preschool. Guess it is time to go old school even just once in a while. :)

Mizé said...

Hi Metz.
Sorry for the late response.
I just got online, been really busy.

Ah! In preschool!
Am I too oldfashion? :)
Most girls of my age and culture melt with love letters or postcards with special handwrite dedications.
I know that nowadays it´s online chat, webcams, e-mails, msm, etc, but paper cards are different. We can smell or touch them and specially keep them forever.
Happy Monday!